A sip of enlightment without distraction.

Wisdom? I've seen it all. I don't have to pretend.
You will never see me smile unless I am truly happy.
You will never see me lie, my time is limited, I don't have time to lie.
I might not know what you want, but I know what you need.
I know what everyone needs.
Everyone needs something pure.

Small distillery. Premium quality.

Our products


ŌBDO gin

OBDO is London Dry style gin.

We use 96% neutral spirit, all our 22 ingredients and flavours are natural

plant materials.



A light and classic London Dry style gin with bold notes of Latvian quince and citrus. An indispensable addition to tonic.


0% ŌBDO spirit

Strong, but not intoxicating.

The non-alcoholic spirit OBDO invites you to get dizzy on life rather than alcohol.

Rich with 22 plant extracts.


Craft cocktails

OBDO Premium London dry gin, combined with a "Gardu muti" seltzer with a northern berry or fruit taste to create the perfect taste.

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Hand sanitizer with a formula that protects your hands. Contains 75% alcohol for maximum protection.


ŌBDO story

ŌBDO - from Liv language with meaning - silver

The overwhelming presence of urgency and eternal tension traps the modern soul. Dreaming big, chasing big dreams, challenging other dreamers, being challenged. The truth is sometimes modern age can be rough on the modern soul. It needs something pure.

Inspired from pure and honest conditions of the northern nature, OBDO was created using the finest ingredients found in Latvian woods and meadows. Hand-picked and selected plant leaves, buds, flowers, and berries create a unique bouquet of OBDO gin taste and fragrance that tastes right at home for the true Nordic, while warmly welcoming everyone else.

OBDO is a London Dry style gin. This goes for a quality designation that we use 96% neutral spirit, all our 22 ingredients and flavors are natural plant materials added through the distillation process,after distillation, we only add spring water.


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