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Craft cocktails

How to experience the bounty of Latvian nature in most exquisite ways? Start with northern forests, start with your garden, start with yourself. Wise man say you do not need too much of the good – high quality and sticking to a heirloom recipe is enough.

The cocktail is surprisingly refreshing and easy to use not only at the bar stand, since, wow - it has already been mixed.

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OBDO Premium dry gin, merged into a perfect taste blend with a Gardu Muti northern berry or plant soda.


A surprising beginning for a new tradition of Latvian made cocktails that will surprise not only holidaymakers, but also seasoned bartenders.


A moment of freshness of the northern summer! Sparkling alcoholic gin cocktail. Enjoy cooled!


Alc. 6.0 %, vol. 330ml


Craft Gin Cocktails


Obdo Four dry gin made in Latvia, blended in a perfect combination with a Kokmuiža tonic – a moment of freshness of the northern summer. Enjoy cooled!


Sparkling alcoholic gin cocktail. Alc. 5.0 %, vol. 330ml

Gin & Tonic

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